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The making of the
Monarch Wing Ribs
from the Fiberglass wing kit.

Photos by Don Reynolds and Mat Redsell

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Here Don is marking on the outlines of the Aileron ribs, cutting the FRP (corrugated fiberglass) with tin snips and bundling them. note they are well marked! Photo W1


Here is Pat producing the rib caps on the router table. note the wooden fingers holding the caps in place against the fence. Very effective.

Check rib #11 on the lofting... I actually redrew my rib #11; The rear spar end of Rib 1a is not correct on the rib plans....the dimension is 39 1/8 not the 40 1/8... again check it against the lofting. Check the location of the rear spar against the rib plans on all ribs. I made some slight changes to these. Remember to double everything... you have two wings!-mat

Here are the wing Ribs bundled awainting the Cap strips to the right. Photo W2

Here is Paul Galatti cutting out the marked ribs for his monarch. Put the plans below the corrugated fiberglass then trace through the outline with a felt tip pen to get the outline.... then cut them out roughly. Finish the ribs by sanding to the exact outline.

Here the Wing Ribs are matched with their cap ribs. Photo W3
Finally Don mixes up the expoxy with Micro Balloons and spreads the mixture in the slot of the cap strip.Photo W4
The cap strip is placed in a vise with the freshly applied epoxy. Don keeps the Fiberlgass in position with the use of rubber bands.Photo W5
Wing ribs curing with Rubber bands attached.

The photo here is not what I would recommend as the correct proceedure for putting the cap strips on. It is best to put both caps on at once and then check the result against the lofting. One can distort the ribs a fair amount in the gluing process.You can easily bend the rib to the correct lofting pattern before the eposy has hardened.

Photo W6

This is my method of filling the channels with epoxy. I first put the rubber bans , getting the corrugated fiberglass in the channel, then I remove all the rubber bans form one end as in the photo, then move the corrugated fiberglass to one side and fill the channel with microballoons. This will only work for those that do not end in a point. note the plans below the mylar(so the epoxy will not mark the plans) on the bench, this allows one to check the final form. Some of the ribs need to be conformed to the exact shape so check it carefully against the lofting..-mat

The wing ribs capped on both sides ready for Trimming. Photo W7

I used spring clamps on my ribs to hold same ribs together which I then sanded each flush to each other to even out the slight differences. -mat

Aileron ribs with cap strips. Photo W8
Ailerons and Elevators ready for fittings to the wings.Photo W9

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